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Joseph Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell

Twilight Eclipse 1080p Download Extra Quality 13

OK, OK, so the clip from the 1980s classic movie Eclipse is not the greatest, but it is a lot better than the irony some people are going to throw at this slide. But really, how can you not love it, considering how truly atmospheric it is?

Twilight Eclipse 1080p Download 13


So, what are the parts of a solar eclipse like? If you look out there in the sunlight, you will notice that the part of the Sun that is under the Moon will be wobbly or move erratically. This is because the temperature of the atmosphere is so thin that the gases inside it are rushing around so fast that the undulations of the Sun look like waves. If you are lucky, you will get to see these wobbly slivers of sunlight when the Moon is near the centre of the Sun, or, what is actually called second contact. This is the brief second contact that occurs when the entire disk of the Moon is over the shadow cone and the shadow cone has cleared the Sun completely. But only the outer part of the eclipse, on the right hand side of the Sun, will be visible at this point. The rest of the Sun will be hidden by the Moon as it passes over it. After second contact, as the Moon travels away from the shadow cone, the gases in the atmosphere will start to warm up and the wiggles will gradually disappear until they are not noticeable any more.

This is a great event, but, if you are near the edge of the partial eclipse, you won't have seen the sunset or sunrise. If you are closer to the centre, or towards the edge of the partial eclipse, then you may have seen the partial eclipse progress from full to partial and then back to full on several occasions. This is called a penumbra egress.

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