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Kasim Dmitriev
Kasim Dmitriev

Fce Listening Speaking Skills 2 Teacher's Book 11

Thank you Anne Marie! I found this lesson very interesting. Podcasts are great tools to improve my English listening and vocabulary skills. Thanks for sharing the list of the most interesting podcasts too, a very useful hint! What I like most is not only your professional tips as a language teacher but also the inspirational tips you give me in every single video! Thanks for sharing !

fce listening speaking skills 2 teacher's book 11

Language proficiency profiles are recorded using a sequence of 4 digits, with plus indicators if/when applicable, to represent the four language skill areas, and those skills will be listed in the following sequence: Skill L Listening; Skill S Speaking; Skill R Reading; Skill W Writing. This four-digit number will be preceded by the code letters SLP to indicate that the profile shown is the Standardised (S) Language (L) Profile (P). (For example: SLP 3321 means level 3 in listening, level 3 in speaking, level 2 in reading and level 1 in writing). The highest level of proficiency is level 5, and the lowest level of proficiency is level 0.

This course in Modern Irish Language is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of the language. The course is intended to introduce students to and provide practice in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of learning new collocations through reading and listening activities. Now, I am going to discuss how to record, practice, and learn those new collocations in a way that you can easily use them in your writing and speaking.

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